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Muttonfist NOW!
Modern Minstrelry -- improvisation for voice and strings --no noise news --- audience requests
Muttonfist NOW!!! Performing in Houston Until Spring 2014

PERFORMING Every Tuesday Night 7PM until 10ish on the patio of Kay's Lounge  2324 Bissonette Blvd. 713-528-9858
Kay's Facebook Page 

Playing as
"Muttonfist and Friends"
Come Play a song or two, Come Listen, Come Play along with Muttonfist &Friends

Hey Folks, after playing for decades under this name and having it be the only Muttonfist on the search engines, someone else has decided that he has to use the name, in spite of the fact that he knew I was using it. Please support me by buying my cds and coming to my Monday shows. 

I need press coverage and would be quite open to interviews and reviews of my music.
Please contact me here with any information or questions.
in a style dedicated to the unplayable guitar MUTTONFIST is touring the country playing whereever the news isn't being heard

see videos at myspace page
and youtube

Booking dates in Houston with
Tuxedo Entertainment


Box 541451
Houston Tx
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