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Muttonfist history

Playing guitar since he was 5, Muttonfist became accustomed to bowed-necked, strings-high-off-the-fretboard guitars, which were largely unplayable and created in him a hard-handed, muttonfisted style of playing.

Calling himself MUTTONFIST, he adopted a wrecked gibson classical guitar and became a Modern Minstrel, playing largely improvised music about what's going on in the world and the country and his life and getting information from audience requests to sing about events in their and his lives.  Muttonfist wants to play your party, your town, your state fair, your coffee shop, your festival. Modern minstrelry as a new necessity, as the new way to get the news Muttonfist plays America.  Muttonfist plays audience requests about topical issues..... or sometimes he plays his own petty concerns.  He doesn't play songs that are timeless, he plays once in a lifetime compositions that only are experienced live one time in front of one live audience.  Special, topical, uniquely now-centered music, like the minstrels of old.  Muttonfist!!!!   Have Gibson Will Travel.


ON TOUR NOW!!!!  Modern Minstrelry!!  Improvisation for voice and strings --no noise news --- audience requests --

USA  is suffering rolling brownouts of the news --

in a style dedicated to the unplayable guitar, MUTTONFIST is touring the country, playing where ever the real news isn't being heard.

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